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UX Storytelling Toolkit

Advance your UX career faster by improving your storytelling skills.

Course focus:

  • Online case studies
  • Portfolio presentations
  • Design reviews at work

This course teaches you how to:

  • Build your credibility
  • Finish projects faster
  • Improve product performance and quality
  • Convince stakeholders to build the right design
  • Get the jobs, promotions, or clients that you want
  • Reduce the gap between your design and the final product
  • Become a strategic partner instead of the person who "makes the mocks"

By the end of the course you'll know how to:

  • Have great design reviews at work, whether they're informal reviews form your source file, formal reviews from a slide deck, or simple conversations with stakeholders
  • Make your online portfolio stand out
  • Nail in person portfolio presentations

 What designers are saying:

"The format of this course was simple, easy to understand, and very manageable. I love that there were specific examples included of what to do and what not to do and included actionable steps to improve portfolios. Jeff is a great speaker and teacher and was really engaging throughout the videos to keep my attention. I was able to watch everything within a day (and WANTED to keep watching) so it was a very valuable resource for me. Thank you!"
- Nicole Gravlin

"This course was extremely helpful! I had received feedback at a previous job regarding my storytelling and how it needed to improve, but I hadn't received any specifics on what that meant. This course really helped me reflect and understand what could have been better, and helped me take note of ways to improve. I'm so glad a course like this exists."
- Kay Harper

"This course everything that I needed and more. Jeff does a beautiful job of breaking down storytelling and making it easy to understand. He is humble, knowledgable, and doesn't add fluff to this course! He gives you the real meat of storytelling and how it applies to UX professionals. As someone still fairly new in the UX industry, I can see myself coming back to this resource time and time again for guidance."

"Jeff, I want to thank you for creating such an impactful course that’s a game-changer for any product designer! The storytelling and case study structures, portfolio presentation tips, and resources have equipped me with the skills needed to effectively deliver. My personal favorite is the ‘Portfolio Presentation’ module; An absolute goldmine! I’d definitely recommend this course to all designers, for the incredible value it delivers. I know I’ll keep coming back to these videos to refresh my storytelling skills every now and then. :)"
Meenakshi Shyamsundar

"Designers often need help to tell a compelling story. Well, this storytelling toolkit solves that by providing a simple framework. The best thing about the course is the examples he gives based on real-world experience. Short videos make it easy to follow along. Plus, the resources are helpful. I'm confident that I can apply these techniques to my case studies and presentations. Junior and senior designer's looking to stand out - this is 100% the course for you."
Coriyon Arrington

"The storytelling kit finally clarified my understanding of storytelling applications in UX design. Jeff covered the theory of popular storytelling frameworks and explained in detail how the case study can be tailored to these frameworks and what should be highlighted. He brought great examples and shared his story and point of view as a hiring manager, which was particularly helpful. I have gained a lot of insights for improving my portfolio case studies and fixing red flags that I didn't notice before. I recommend this kit because it's easily consumed, interesting and valuable to anyone eager to master storytelling."
Lala Jafarova

"Thanks Jeff for the valuable content !... I really enjoyed the frameworks and techniques you taught. I am really now looking into apply on my portfolio and job as well. However there are some pros and cons of your course - What I really like - - To the point, clarity is maintained. - Focused on teaching how to get a job by applying techniques What I didn't like - - Audio was very smooth and low, this led me in difficulty hearing you in noisy environment."
- Akash Bisht

"This toolkit/course is truly exceptional. It offers a down-to-earth and serene atmosphere while providing invaluable support for junior UX designers. Jeff's genuine desire for our success is evident, making him one of the best. The comprehensive content feels like personalized 1:1 sessions or live classroom experiences. It helps overcome imposter syndrome and provides great examples, personal stories, and case studies. The additional resources in Figma and Notion are pure gold. As an ADHD person, I appreciate how engaging the course is, keeping me focused throughout. Highly recommended for any junior UX designer seeking success."
- Emilija Perchinkova

"This course clarified what exactly “storytelling” means in the different contexts for UX! Jeff answered so many questions here and I feel equipped to transform my case studies and hopefully my job search experience. Thank you Jeff!!"
-Mary S.

"This course is fantastic, especially for those new to UX. It helped me pinpoint areas in which I needed to improve my storytelling and provided clear guidance on how to do so. I thoroughly enjoyed the engaging content and completed it in one sitting."
- Shashank Mittal

"Jeff White takes the vague topic of "storytelling" and translates it into clear and actionable steps for any designer to build their influence and progress in their career. I couldn't recommend this enough."
- Mitch Clements

"One of the most important skills in UX/UI is storytelling, Jeff's UX Storytelling is a straightforward and practical course that helped me realize how to improve when it comes to communicating and presenting designs to different stakeholders. There are really valuable tips and recommendations to improve your storytelling skills! I Recommend it 100%!"
- Andres Luna

"Lots of people talk about the importance of storytelling for UX designers, but Jeff brings clarity to UX designers and shows exactly how to do it, and why it matters. I love Jeff's approach to storytelling here. He breaks down different scenarios and how to apply different techniques to different problems you may be having with work as a UX designer. This course is a must!"
- Jeremy Miller