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This storytelling course is the secret sauce you need to land jobs, get promoted, and have a fulfilling design career.

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Influence Stakeholders

Get your team to agree to designs you're proud of.

Finish Projects Faster

Stop driving yourself crazy revisiting decisions over and over again.

Build Credibility

Be a strategic partner instead of just another designer who knows Figma.

A Proven Approach

I've used the storytelling techniques I teach in this course over my 20 year career to get these results:


Got promoted 7 times


Shipped apps used by 10s of millions


Increased conversion by 3.5x in an eCommerce app 


Landed 20 clients that brought in $6m of business


Achieved a 100% repeat client rate

My story

My journey in UX design started in 2002.

Over the years I developed a storytelling approach that I've used when presenting design to:

  • The founder and former CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos ~30 times
  • Dozens of other execs and senior leaders at Amazon and 22 other companies
  • PMs and engineers hanging out at my desk :)

I've told 1,000s of stories in my career—this approach works in any situation where I find myself showing design to stakeholders.

I'm creating this course because I know the techniques work. And I want to share them with the design community.

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What's inside

Real examples, templates, frameworks, and more

This course is packed with resources you can use:

  • Three real design presentations, annotated so you understand why they worked
  • BONUS: My 100% effective portfolio presentation
  • BONUS: The case study I wish designers would show me (template)
  • Worksheets
  • Frameworks
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The Foundation

  • Understand what storytelling is and why it matters for your career
  • Learn when and where storytelling happens
  • Adopt the mindset of a successful storyteller 
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The Framework

  • Learn what it takes to successfully present your work to stakeholders or hiring teams
  • Understand different storytelling frameworks and how they apply to your work
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Know your Audience

How to understand what your audience cares about—and optimize for it.

Covers three audience types:

  1. Stakeholders at work
  2. Hiring managers reviewing case studies
  3. Hiring teams during portfolio reviews
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Establish Trust

Set yourself up for success at the beginning of any design presentation.

Covers informal and formal presentation settings.

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Nail presentations with story structures

Simple structures you can use repeatedly for:

  • Design reviews at work
  • Portfolio presentations in interviews
  • Case studies

Learn how to present design, deliver your analysis, and make persuasive recommendations.

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Visual design best practices

Best practices for the visual assets you'll use in these types of presentations:

  1. Online portfolios and case studies
  2. Private portfolio presentations
  3. Informal design presentations from a source file
  4. Formal design presentations from a slide deck
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I saw Jeff present design to executives at Amazon and was thoroughly impressed. His expertise in storytelling was clear as he presented a complex v1 product design. This course is a must!


Nino Yuniardi
UX Design Director, Oracle

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